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Jamie Cullum was born on August 20, 1979 in England. It starts to play of the piano as of childhood and in adolescence it is interested in the music jazz in particular Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra. Just 19 years, Jamie produces its first album (sold with 600 specimens), but remains very concentrated on its studies of letters which it completes in 2001.

Finally the moment came for him to live its passion: in 2002 it leaves its second album "Pointless Nostalgic". This time, the success is with go and Jamie shown its talent of musician all to length de13 titles jazzy at point. The large houses all of discs want to sign it but it is finally at Universal that it signs. With "Twenty Something" which leaves in 2003, Jamie beats the preceding records of sale of albums jazz in the United Kingdom and passes the course of the 2 million specimens in the world. It returns in 2005 ("Catching Tales") in a more pop register but always as enjolor making it possible to say as its music, of a simplicity without name, but of an effectiveness to defy all competition and its voice, very blues, insert it in the course of large.

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Jamie Cullum
Singer Jamie Cullum
Photo of Jamie Cullum


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