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Billy Crawford was born on May 16 1982 in the Philippines. It is made locate whereas it is only 3 years old, and very is connected for the little boy. It plays in several films and gains the equivalent of a Oscar, at the 5 years age, it is the organizer of its own emission, and in 1994, it is pointed out in a contest of young talent texan.
It then appears at the side of the king the pop one, Mickael Jakson, then records its first album in 1998, Billy the wonder is only 15 years old! The young man cases and unchains crowd, the album is a success.
In 1999, one proposes to him to record the BO of the Pokemon film, it accepts and diversifies its public.
It leaves then are second album, "Wrinkle", whose individual "Trackin" is an interplanetary success. It worked with largest of the medium to adapt this disc to its a little pop image, a little funk, a little soul. Tony Maserati, Soul Shock, and Eve Nelson in particular took part in the creation of this second opus.

In 2003, Billy tackles the cinema by taking down a role in "the Exorcist". Unfortunately the film is a failure, not that its interpretation is bad, it is right which the public does not impassion any more for this kind of film of horror.
But Billy raises the head quickly, and leaves a new recorded album to London and the USA. The first individual one and its torrid clip functions with wonder.

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Billy Crawford
Singer Billy Crawford
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