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Courteney Cox was born on June 15, 1964 in Birmingham in Alabama. Studious pupil, it starts into 1982 of the studies of architecture and decoration but is located the same year by an agency of mannequins. It decides to give up the studies and to devote itself to mannequinât. It makes the cover of some magazines and turns in publicities, then obtains a first minor part in a tele series. From 1985, it multiplies the appearances in series and obtains some roles with the cinema in films without interests. The year 1994 is that of the recognition for Courteney, it is finally recognized of the public thanks to its role in "Ace Ventura: Fart Detective "and takes down a role in the series become worship since," Friends ".

Finally celebrates, Courteney obtains more consistent roles with the cinema such as the series of Screams. In 1999 it marries David Arquette, met on the turning of Scream. They had together a small fore-mentioned girl Coco born in June 2004. After ten years of "Friends", series A ended, but Courteney Cox Arquette has more than one cord with its arc. It based its own house of production which produced in 2003 "Mix It Up", an emission on decoration and turns in several films for the cinema. in 2007 it returns to the small screen in a news "Dirt" in which Courteney interprets a journalist of scandal sheet.

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Courteney Cox
Actress Courteney Cox
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