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Cotillard Marion

Corneille, from its true name Cornélius Nyungura, was born on March 24, 1977 in Freiburg in Germany where his/her parents, Rwandais, are present for their studies. In 1984 it is the return for them on their native soil and Corneille grows in Kigali where it is initiated with the music by melting a group which gains the Découvertes price organized by national television. In 1994, during the war which devastates Rwanda, all the family of Crow is massacred. It takes refuge in friends of its parents who take it under their wing and brings back it to Germany with them. There, Corneille forgets for a few times the music and devotes itself to its studies but quickly its passion takes the top and Corneille decides into 1997 to leave to try its chance in Canada.

It melts a trio (O.N.E) which meets success rather quickly, but the musical style of the group is not with its taste and separation with place in 2001. Crow devotes itself then, during two year old meadows, to the writing of its first album "Because One Comes By far" who meets in Canada then in France a very great success in particular thanks to the title which gives its name to the album. In 2005, it returns with a second album "Dream-merchants" in which it confirms all its talent and delivers with much emotion fifteen titles sublimes.

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