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Coluche, from its true name Michel Colucci, was born on October 28, 1944 in Paris (France). His/her father Honorio Colucci, house painter dies in 1947 and it is his/her mother Simone Bouyer who only raises her two children. Coluche is not student studious and it leaves the school at fourteen years. It will connect the odd jobs (plunger, manager, florist, etc.) to live and has fun with a band of buddy while singing in several cabarets of the Boris Vian or George Brassens. But Coluche is not a large interpreter and it is recycled quickly in the comic register. There with the end of the Sixties it takes part in the creation of the Coffee of the Station and finds its first occasion to be pointed out. During a few years it will polish its character of beauf stupid and malicious. In 1974, for its first appearance televised with "the history Of a Guy" it meets a true success which any more will not be contradicted. Coluche connects the sketches and the rounds, turnings for the cinema, animations of radio transmissions and the French public in redemande.

However, beautiful mechanics will be seized up in 1980 when Coluche decides to be presented at the presidential election, the political pressures and an extra work of work make it plunge in the depression alcohol and, his wife (Veronique Kantor with which he had two boys, Romain in 1972 and Marius in 1976) leaves it at the end of the year 81. Coluche rebounds in 1983 by interpreting the dramatic role of a lost pump assistant in "Bye Puppet". Generous, it launches in 1985, on the sad report of poverty to France, the "Restaurants Of the Heart" to come to assistance the most stripped of. June 19, 1986, whereas it prepares a new spectacle, it dies by striking with motor bike a truck. The death of Coluche leaves a great vacuum in the French comic landscape because it had known to impose its style, agitator, coarse (but never vulgar), with pickling humour and to be made like of a big part of the population. For all happiness that you gave us, thank you dumb.

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Humorist Coluche
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