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Phil Collins was born on January 30, 1951 in Chiswick. Phil Collins receives its first drum whereas it is only 5 years old and the legend says that it never wanted anything to make of other but of the battery. Thus, as of its childhood, it occurs in some emissions of radio and television. And into 9 years, it integrates a dance band in a nautical club. A 14 years, one entrusts to him the role of Artful Dodger in an adaptation of Oliver Twist. In 1964, it plays in film of Beatles "A Hardware Day' S Night". Do not seek to try to recognize it, it seems only appear, drowned in the public ".

In 1968, Phil and one of his/her friends melt their first group: "Real Thing". In parallel it plays in several small groups in particular "Hickory". In 1969, "Hickory" which becomes "Flaming Youth", is seen proposing a contract for the recording of a disc; it is in November that the latter fate in the vats under the name of "Ark 11". In 1970, the group "Genesis" seeks a beater; 15 candidates present themselves and parmis them it group finds the right man for the job: Phil Collins.
Excel beater, it is also a classic an interpreter of talent and an actor born. It also seems to be a true glutton for work since, beside his work with Genesis it also takes part in the recording of six 33 turns with the group Brand X, produces the discs of other groups and also holds the battery in several productions of studio. In 1981 Phil Collins begins a career in
solo and records its first album "Face Been worth" which is classified at the head of the British hit-parade and receives a gold disc in the United States. It is the beginning of a long successful career solo. In 1982 its second album "Hello, L Must Be Going" is classified second in England and remains 160 weeks in the charts.
In 1985, Phil is devoted better pop singer for the title "Against AIl Odds" with Grammy. The following year it raid all rewards at the time of the handing-over of Grammies: better artist of variety, better male artist and album of the year. In 1988, Phil Collins plays the first part in the film "Buster". It interprets also the song of the credits and composes the album of the original band.
In 1989 album "But Seriously leaves" from which the international tube "Another Day In Paradise is extracted".
1996 are the year of the separation of with Genesis. After 25 years of good and faithful services, Phil leaves the group!
It continues since a career in solo with more or less of success (the album "Dance into the light" whose sales are catastrophic, but whose round is a success). The Jazzy experiments always do not like the public and it is into 2002 that Phil really finds are public with "Testify". In June 2004 before the launching of a new international round, it announces that this one will be its last great series in concert because it wants to be devoted to his five children and thinks that it is time for him "to return to the house".

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