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The Coldplay group was born from the meeting of Chris Martin (song, piano), Jonny Buckland (guitar), Guy Berryman (low) and Will Champion (battery) in the middle of the Nineties on the benches of the University College of London. In 1998, the group records its first EP which him also will be used to him as demonstration to canvass the houses of discs and continuous to occur in many concerts. The name of Coldplay is quoted more and more in the corridors of the musical medium and in 1999, Parlophone proposes to them to record first individual. Diffused the radio, the title "Brothers And Sisters" makes it possible the group to make its entry in the English charts. During l’année following, the group leaves several other individual which is each time accomodated very well by the public and in but 2000, Coldplay is finally ready to leave its first album "Parachute". Coldplay marks a rebirth of the rock'n'roll while taking as a starting point group like Beatles, U2 or Radiohead while bringing there an incomparable personal key which makes each title a pearl.

In 2002, Coldplay leaves its second album "A Rush Of Blood To The Head", awaited by thousands of fans, second opus meets a phenomenal success in England but also out of the borders since titles like "The Scientist" or "In My Place" make the turn of Europe while passing by Australia Japan or the United States. On the whole it is more than 18 million specimen of "A Rush Of Blood To The Head" which are sold. Become in a few years a musical phenomenon international Coldplay is awaited with its third album "X &Y" in June 2005. The fans will not be disappointed, with deeper guitars and more elaborate environments the group is on the way to become one of the greatest group of the world, for proof, their first individual "Speed Of Sound" it is classified in signal 10 American as of his exit, a first since Beatles in 1968.

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