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George Clooney was born on May 6, 1961 in Lexington (the USA). It must to his father, to presenter of television, the discovery of the world of the show business and makes some appearances at its sides in its emission. However, it is not intended to follow the traces of his father and is directed towards a sporting career.

Good basic player ball, it is not it enough to be made engage by the team of Cincinnati and turns the back on the world of the sport. It is at this time that it finds a first minor part to be played, allured by this test it decides to continue and leaves to settle in Hollywood. The beginnings are difficult and George must be satisfied to play in small telefilms to earn her living, but it knows that by multiplying turnings, it will end up being pointed out. And it was right, in 1994, one proposes to him the role of Doctor Doug Ross in the new series "Urgencies". The success of the series is enormous and that falls down extremely logically on George who sees himself offering roles to the cinema. In 1995, it is directed by Quentin Tarantino in "One Night In Hell", then in 97 it is Batman. It does not manage to convince the public completely and criticism and 1998 should be waited until to find it with its first good interpretation in "the Red Line" Become riper and having succeeded in breaking the image of good-looking young man of Doctor Ross, George Clooney tests himself finally with more difficult interpretations: "O' Brother", "Kings Of the Desert", "In Full Storm" or "Ocean' S Eleven". In 2002, George passes behind the camera to direct "Confessions Of a Dangerous Man" in whom it also interprets the first role. But George does not stop there and opens her own house of production. At the end of 2004, it makes its return to the large screen for the new break-in of the century in "Ocean' S Twelve" and in 2005 it will be with the poster of "Syriana", the Man Which falls A Peak "and" Magnum ".

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