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Julien Clerc, from his true name Paul-Alain Leclerc, was born on October 4, 1947 in Paris. He receives the education of a son of good family and as of age the six years he takes courses of piano, they are however only a few years later than he is discovered a true passion by playing the tubes heard with the radio. Its meeting with Maurice Vallet and Etienne Ground-Gil in the middle of the Sixties is determining and Julien any more but does not dream to go up on scenes. In 1968 it records its first album which opens the doors of the artistic world to him. It is pointed out and been to engage to hold one of the principal roles of the musical "Hair".

This role brings the recognition of the public to him and Julien takes again his career solo. During the Sixties ten it records an album per annum and all meet success. With the Eighties and the revival of the music in France, the French singers are less à.la.mode and they must provide an irreproachable work to be followed by the public, this is why Julien is done rarer, but each new album is a pearl. Of "Loves me" in 1984 with the impossible to circumvent tube "Mélissa" with "Double childhood" in 2005, Julien proves that it is the quality and the talent which make last a singer.

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Julien Clerc
Singer Julien Clerc
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