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Christiane Vera Felscherinow, more known under the name of Christiane F was born on May 20, 1962. She grows between the marital problems of her parents in suburbs of Berlin made of concrete and interdicts and as of adolescence, she passes most clearly from her time out from her. With the 12 years age, it consumes for the first time of the hachish, at 13 years it begins with snifer heroin and for the day of its 14 years, it injects its first amount. The infernal spiral involves it towards the bottom and Christiane is obliged prostituer to earn the money of her daily amount. In 1978, its meeting with two journalists who inquire into the young Berliner SDF gives rise to a biography which moves very whole Germany. At the exit of the book, Christiane took again a life without drug, it works even a few times in a bookshop, but the money which the book reports to him makes it possible him to cease working. In 1981 when the film recalling leaves the history Christiane, that Ci makes of them promotions a little everywhere in the world.

Of interview in emission of television, it enters an unknown world for it, but will leave there almost also suddenly because the modes are transitory. In 1983 it is stopped in possession of drug and is condemned to a prison sentence. Its purged sorrow, it leaves to live in Greece during approximately 6 years with a man who is done stopped a few days before their marriage for possession of drug. Christiane returns to Berlin profits from the programme of substitution for the methadone which finally enables him almost to live normally. In 1996, it gives rise to a child. Today, it avoids the media because it is tired always to be recognized like one doped and a prostitute and devotes all her energy to raise her child.

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Christiane F
Christiane F


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