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Frederic Chopin was born in Zelazowa Wola (Poland) on March 1 1810 from a French father and a Polish mother. He begins his musical education at six years, composes his first œuvre at seven years and makes his first appearance in public at eight years. The small wonder is presented in the newspapers of Warsaw and quickly becomes an attraction at the time of aristocratic receptions. From 1826, it follows studies of musics to the school of music of Warsaw directed by Joseph Elsner who will write in a report/ratio "Chopin, Fryderyk, student of 3rd year, exceptional talent, musical genius." In 1830, Chopin leaves Poland to settle in Vienna, then the following year in Paris. This departure of Poland gave a new dash to its talent of type-setter and works like the N°1 Scherzo or the twelve studies of the opus 10. Parisian life is appropriate to him perfectly and it saw courses which it gives to pupils of the Polish and French aristocracy.

He becomes the friend of Franz Liszt, Berlioz or Eugene Delacroix and, on the level in love, after a large disappointment met at Maria Wodzinski, he becomes the lover of George Sand who will bring to him an extraordinary tenderness as well as cordial and maternal care. Winter 1838/39 that the couple passes on the island of Majorque returns seriously sick Chopin who shows signs of a tuberculosis which will not leave it any more. On their return in France the couple moves in with the manor of George Sand in Nohant. During this period, Chopin opens out completely in his art and composes all most beautiful works of his repertory. Increasingly sick, Chopin decides to leave George Sand in 1847, but this decision breaks the heart to him and from this separation until its death two years later, October 17, 1849, illustrates it type-setter will write only some miniatures.
Buried at the cemetery Father-Lachaise in Paris, his heart, withdrawn from its body after its death, was placed in a ballot box and was installed on a pillar in theSainte-Croix church in Krakowskie Przedmiescie. All l"oeuvre of Chopin is written for, or around, of the piano and makes it possible still today to young pianist to make their range on compositions extraordinary.

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Frederic Chopin
Musician Frederic Chopin
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