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Jeanne Cherhal was born on February 28, 1978 in Nantes (France) from a mother teacher and a father craftsman. Child it hopes to become ballet dancer but fails the contest of dance of will l’Opéra of Paris. Artist despite everything, it directs himself towards the piano and as of age the fourteen years it makes its first scenes with small groups rock'n'roll buildings.

It is the catch and, although Jeanne Cherhal continues her studies, the music becomes more than one leisure for it. It quickly writes its first titles and in 1999 it makes the first part of George Moustaki. From the following year all will be connected for best for Jeanne Cherhal. She is noticed with the Springboard of the Old Plough in Brittany and sign an engagement for 80 concerts in all France. In more of its look to the two long plaits it is made a name rather quickly and records its first album in 2002. She connects the first parts of prestigious artist (Higelin, Fersen, etc.) before becoming it even head of poster with the exit of its second opus in 2004 ("Twelve Times Per annum"). Jeanne Cherhal is rewarded by a Victoire For the Music in 2005, proof if it were necessary of it that she knew to create her musical universe and to allure the public with her texts which tell small sections of lives. With "water" in 2006 Jeanne Cherhal confirms all it although one thought of it and definitively opens the doors towards a great career.

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Jeanne Cherhal
Singer Jeanne Cherhal
Photography of Cherhal Jeanne


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