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Cheb Mami, from its true name, Mohamed Khelifati, was born on July 11, 1966 in Saïda, in Algeria. Attracted very early by the traditional songs, it sings in the marriages, then while growing, it occurs in the cabarets of Oran. Its desire for making a musical career becomes increasingly large and in 1982, it is presented at a contest organized by Algerian television. It arrives only second, but it will be the catch, located by a producer, Cheb Mami records his first cassettes which are sold under the coat in Algeria, then in the popular districts of Paris. Thus, when Cheb Mami arrives to France in 1985, it is not completely unknown. It leaves a first album quickly and, at the end of 1986, it triumphs in Olympia, then puts its career between bracket, time to make its military service in Algeria. In 1990, it records its second album which will know a failure because of the war in Iraq. Cheb Mami is seen reduced to turn in small rooms to keep the contact with its public, but its return on the front of the scene will be only more fulgurating.

In 1994, it signs at Virgin and records its third album, "Saïda". This opus will be for Cheb Mami that of the dedication, in France like elsewhere. Consequently he becomes an artist impossible to circumvent and occurs on the scenes of many countries (the United States, Japan, Brésil, etc.) but greatest happiness for him is to play on its native soil in 1999 front 100 000 people. In love with the mixture of style, Cheb Mami collaborates with many artists (Sting, K-Mel, Ziggy Marley, Corneille, Enrico Macias, Zucchero, etc.) to record an album of duet in 2004, "North In the South". In a little more than 20 years, Cheb Mami knew to impose an innovative style on the Raï music and became one of the best ambassadors of this music in the world.

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