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Jérémy Chatelain was born on October 19, 1984 with Creteil. Child, it learns the piano later then the guitar and the battery. With his entry in sixth, its French professor directs it towards the Jérémy theatre understands at once which it is in the artistic medium that it will make career. He obtains his vat, then encouraged by his/her parents presents itself at the casting of Star Académy 2. It does not gain the emission, but arrives thanks to its look and to its rebellious spirit to be made like of the public. It leaves its first album éponyme at the end of 2003 and signs the texts and music of all the pieces. In 2004, Jérémy is on all the face: music with a series in concert in all France, comedy, with the turning of two episode of the series TV "Police chief Valence", mode, by creating its line of clothing "Sir Sid", sentimental, by making the meeting of beautiful Geostrophic which gives him a child (Anny-Lee) in April 2005. Jérémy is thus a filled man and it is the serene spirit which it returns in 2006 with its second album "Varieties French".

Cheb Mami
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Jeremy Chatelain
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