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Ray Charles Robinson was born on September 23, 1930 in Albany, in Georgie (the USA), in a poor family, on bottom of racial segregation. Become blind at the seven years age because of a glaucome, then orphan with adolescence, it finds in the music "the force to survive". It settles in Seattle in 1947, where it knows several years of misery, pianotant in the bars and détrônant the religious style sung in the black churches by rythmant it more, accelerating it and sensualizing it. Its music runs up certain faithful which it answers: "I play in the only way in which Ray Charles can play".

Its éraillé style, immediately recognizable, just like its way of balancing itself of left on the right in front of its piano and its very broad smile and its meeting with the producer Quincy Jones, lead it towards a success fulgurating as of the Fifties with titles like "I got has woman" (1954) or involving it "What' D I say" (1959). It moves away then from rythm' N blues to evolve to what one will call then the "soul", at the sides of Sam Cooke or Jackie Wilson. It passes with difficulty the course of years 70/80 following problems with the tax department and its taste for the drug which make him lose its creativity. It makes its return on the front of the scene in 1990, with the festival of jazz of Antibes, in the south of France, more to leave it this time.
Rewarded for 13 Grammys, the most prestigious rewards of the music in the United States, Ray Charles celebrates his 10.000ème concert in Greek Theater of Los Angeles in spring 2004 and dies on June 10 2004 of complications of a disease of the liver.

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