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Charles Spencer says Charlie Chaplin was born on April 16, 1889 in Walworth a poor district from London from parents artists from music hall.
He passes a part of his early childhood ballotté between institutions for young paupers and a poor and precarious life to the sides of his mother and his half-brother.
He makes his first appearance on scene, whereas he is only five years old, to come to assistance of his mother who, taken of an extinction of sudden voice, cannot ensure her spectacle any more. He are both hooted by the public.
At ten years, it begins its professional career in a troop from children tap dancers, "the eight guy of Lancashire". Then during several years, it interprets the role of small the groom Billy in the part "Sherlock Holmes".

In 1908, it signs a contract with Fred Karno, then large imprésario British of spectacles of cabaret, to be in its theatre company. It is a unique opportunity for Charles to make known itself. He plays in several sketches and plays through England and crosses even the Atlantic to occur in the United States. Conquered by this country it settles in 1912 and makes there its first appearance with the screen in 1913 in a production of Keystone Film Company under the direction of Mack Sennett.
It created the universally famous character of Charlot in 1914 in the film "Charlot is content with him" (Kid Auto Races At Venice).
Very quickly, it becomes itself realizer and, taking again the character of Charlot (wandering with the duck step, characterized by a bowler hat overhanging a black and frisottée hair, a moustache in fly under the nose, a frock coat narrow and threadbare, too broad trousers and used, tired and immense godillots, eternal a badine of snap ring to the hand), the met in scene in more than 70 films: "The Kid", "the Pilgrim", "Gold rush", "the Circus", "Lights of the city", "Times Modern", etc.
Chaplin, with the advent of the talking films, had difficulties in adapt its style which as from "Modern Times" takes a political dimension (virulent description of the assembly line work). Marking this political and sound transition, "the Dictator", true anti-hitlérien lampoon, use all the resources of speaking.
In 1947, Chaplin is shown communist sympathies by the Commission of the anti-American activities. Moreover, J Edgar Hoover conducts against him a baited campaign, aiming at making him recognize the paternity of a child of one of its ex-conquests. Vis-a-vis with its charges Chaplin decides to exile itself. In 1952, it settles in Switzerland. Its exile puts almost a crushing argument at its career.
Its film, "a King in New York", turned to Great Britain in 1957, testifies to this period and is a violent judgment of the obscurantism of the maccarthysme.
Its last film "the Countess of Hong Kong" (1967) is one cooking failure. In 1972 it receives a Oscar rewarding its contribution to cinematographic industry. In 1975 it is anobli by the Queen of England. It dies on December 25, 1977 without never to have ceased its activity of scenario writer and musician.

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