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Jonatan Cerrada Moreno was born on September 12, 1985, in Liege in Belgium. It lives at Ans, with his parents Victoria and Valentine and his four brothers and sisters: Julien, Rafael, Audrey and Raquel.
At 8 years, he becomes chorus-singer and some times soloist with the Royal Opera of Wallonia.
He starts to compose his own songs towards the 10 years age and little by little, turns to the variety, the jazz. He leaves the opera at 14 years to take part in contests. 17 years, it takes part in its first emission tele-hook in Belgium: "For Glory". It fails in half finale, but its service was noticed by organizers in concerts and it starts to make, only or with formations, concerts on the local scene.
Parallel to its studies with the Grétry Academy, where it learns the piano, the dance and the song, it tries its chance with various castings, contest of songs and records also publicities for the radio.

In 2003, Jonatan Cerrada, takes part in emission "A the research of new the star". It gains the contest and records an album which imposes it right now like one of the great talents of its generation. It confirms its talents of author, type-setter and especially of singer to the splendid voice in June 2005 while leaving its second album "the Proof Of the Opposite".

Name: Cerrada Moreno
First name: Jonathan (Jonatan being its name of artist)
Nicknames: Jona, John
Date of birth: September 12, 1985
Birthplace:Liège (Belgium)
Place of residence: Years (Belgium), soon Paris
Astrological Sign: Virgin
Cut: 1m75
Weight: 57 kg
Hair: Fair
Eyes: Greens
Distinguishing mark: Piercing with the arcade sourcilière
Marital status: Single person
Profession: student
Brothers and sisters: Julien, Rafaël, Audrey, Raquel
Films worships: "All on my mother", "My father, this hero"
Preferred actresses: Penelope Cruz and Marie Gillain
Preferred artists: Shakira, Alejandra Sanz and Pascal Obispo
Preferred Fleur: Lavender
Preferred animals: The panda and the lion
Preferred dish: Typed
Three qualities: Generous, Energetic, Much of humour
Three defects: Obstinate, inattentive and nervous
What he likes in him: Its simplicity
Currency: "Better food with remorses than with regrets is worth"
Fetish object: A coin broken into two
Preferred colors: blue and the white
Its dream of child: to be a singer

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Jonathan Cerrada
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