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Laetitia Casta was born with Bridge-Audemer on May 17 1978 from a Corsican father and a mother Norman. It is at the time of holidays in Corsica that it is noticed by the photographer of a great agency. The Madison agency engages the young person Laetitia and it begins its career of mannequin while ravelling for large dressmakers or to pose with the one magazines. As a careful and conscious girl that the career of mannequin is short, Laetitia is interested in the cinema since 1999 while turning in "Astérix And Obélix Against César" at the sides of Depardieu and Clavier.

Equipped with a talent of actress recognized by all, Laetitia also turns for the tele one in "the Blue Bicycle". In 2001 after the turning of "the Strong Hearts", it marks a pause to give rise to her Sahteene daughter (the father is Stephan Sednoui). Laetitia takes again then the way of the plates but also launches out in 2004 new demolished: to play the theatre in a part (Ondine) put in scene by Jacques Weber. Thus, Laetitia proves to us that it is not only one girl with irreproachable figure but a young woman full with talent which does not hesitate to take risks for us to show it.

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Laetitia Casta
Actress Casta Laetitia
Picture of Laetitia Casta


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Wallpaper Laetitia Casta

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