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Vincent Cassel was born on November 23, 1966 in Paris in France. He makes his studies of theatre in Actor Institute of New York before integrating in Paris the troop of Jean-Louis Barrault. He takes his first steps with the cinema in 1991 in "the Keys of the Paradise" of Philippe de Broca. A few years later, it makes the meeting of Mathieu Kassovitz, who guides it in "Mongrel" in 1993, "Hatred" in 1995, and "the Rivers Crimsons" in 2000.

Under the projectors, Vincent gives himself à.fond and work thoroughly each character whom it interprets. We could notice his ardour in 1997 in "Dobermann", or its courage in 1999 in "Jeanne d' Arc". A such ball with facet, this genius of the cinema has an infinity of face and shines of an extraordinary talent.
We will thus see another small end of personality in "the Pupil", of Olivier Schatzky, then another in "On my Lips" of Jacques Audiard.
Since 2002, it takes a lead in the large American screen in "Nadia" with Nicole Kidman, like in "Ocean' S 12" exit in 2004. It is also with the poster "Of the Pact of the Wolves" in 2001, "Irreversible" in 2002 and "Secret agents" into 2004 at the sides of his sublime wife Monica Bellucci.

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Vincent Cassel
Actor Vincent Cassel
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