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Candace Helaine Cameron was born on April 6, 1976 in Panorama City in California (the USA).
Exit of a family of four children, his/her parents very early intends it for the trade of actress and present it at an agent. It is thus very young which it starts to turn in advertising films and as of 6 years it obtains its first role in a televised series.
In 1987, it is committed for a new series: "the festival at the house". It will remain there until the last episode in 1995.
It Marie in 1996 with a player of hockey (Valley Bore-hole) and with have three children with him putting for this reason its career in margin during a few times. It reconsiders the front of the scene in 2001 while producing and playing in a new series: "The KREW" (for “Kids Rescuing Everyone World wide” (children saving no matter whom in the world). It says this series: "I am continuously disappointed by the programs which the children look at nowadays, I wanted just to make a series which my children could look at."

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