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Calogero Mauricci was born on July 30, 1971 in Echirolles close to Grenoble. As of the 6 years age it is initiated with the music by his brother who learns how to him to play of the flute then later of the piano and the guitar. At 15 years, it assembles its first group, Charts, with his brother, Gioacchino and Francis, his friend of childhood. So that the trio is complete, Calogero learns how to play of low. In 1988, more justified than ever the trio goes up to Paris. They are presented in all the houses of discs by leaving models there, in vain. However the catch soon will take place: Philippe Gaillard who works for the house of disque"Apache" to a true thunderbolt, he becomes their author and producer.

In 1989, they leave their first album ("the Ocean Bottomless"). Four others will follow, until 1997, year of dissolution of Charts.
After the Charts adventure and three years of absence, Calogero reconsiders the front of the scene and in solo with a very first album "In the Medium of the Others", produced by Pascal Obispo into 92 with in particular of the texts written by Zazie.
The music is a passion for Calogero and to compose is its daily newspaper. In parallel with its own career, he writes for the others: "Chatelet the Markets" (Florent Pagny), "the air of time" (Florent Pagny and Cécilia Cara), "In the name of a woman" (Helene Ségara), "the love has all the rights" (Ismaël Lo), "Year" (Pascal Obispo), etc.
At spring 2002, Calogero, new opus of Calogero arrives in the vats, a strong album, where it is delivered with desire and sincerity being played with ability of its many influences.
It is elected "Better male artist" at the time of the "Victoire of the Music 2004" and leaves the same year its third album quite simply entitled "3". It is of aillor this figure that it is necessary to wait to hear the last production of Calogero. "Apple C" (at the beginning of 2007 left) is a subtle mixture of pop variety to the sounds Anglo-Saxon which will charm the fans of Calogero.

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