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Cali, from its true name, Bruno Caliciuri was born on June 17, 1968 in Perpignan. Impassioned by Rugby, it plays during nearly 15 years to this sport, but in parallel is interested in the music by listening to "The Clash", "Simple Minds" or "U2". It is besides following a concert of the latter, that Cali decides to learn the guitar. It learns quickly and occurs with various formations on regional scenes.

In 1994, it integrates "Indy" a group which has more ambitions than the precedents and carries out Cali on the roads for more than two hundred concerts and in studio to record two albums. In 1996, it joined the group "Tom Scarlett" with whom it will play during 5 years before deciding to take stock and to undertake a career in solo. If the beginnings are not easy (Cali plays in coffees) it are quickly pointed out and start to make the first famous parts of artist such Benabar. In 2002, it plays Francofolies of the Small rock where a person in charge for a house of disc notices it and signs it. The following year Cali leaves its first album, "the Perfect Love" which is carried by the title "It Is When Happiness". The album, in thirteen songs inspired of its love life, with a great maturity in the texts, on melodies simple but effective allures beyond all the hopes. Highly the next album bus when one tasted Cali, one cannot occur some any more. At the end of 2005 Cali returns with new a opus ("L'Espoir") in which in 12 titles it digs the furrow of the rupture in love.In 2008, with his third studio album entitled "Hope", Cali seduces us by telling us 14 slices of lives. Once again when we tasted Cali, we never want to leave and this new album is going to turn over thousands of turntables.

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