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Nicolas Cage, from his true name, Nicholas Kim Coppola, was born on January 7, 1964 in Christopher in Illinois, the USA. After the divorce of his parents, it settles with his father with San Fransisco and is registered in American Conservatory. Nephew of the scenario writer François Ford Coppola, it is at that time that it changes name and becomes Nicolas Cage, refusing family notoriety. He is however made know in 1983 thanks to "Rusty James" a film of his uncle François.F Coppola. Then it connects in 1984 with "Knitting machine Club" and "Peggy Sue Got Married" in 1986. It lives in Los Angeles since a few years already, working in bars while playing in the series "Best of Time" in order to earn its living. Its image of bad servant boy, of violent and mysterious boy allures the public. Nicolas is solicited more and more. In 1986, one sees it in "Arizona Junior" of the Coen brothers, in "Sailor and Lula" in 1990 like in "Leaving Las Vegas" in 1995, film for which it gains the gold palm to the festival of Cannes.

Although its professional life is very charged, it finds time into 1990 to be occupied of his Weston son, to marry in Patricia Arquette in 1995, of of divorced 6 years later and remarié LISA Marie Presley in 2002. It divorces the girl of King in order to marry pretty young woman of Korean extraction, Alice Kim.
In parallel with his animated family life, one sees it in "60 second stopwatch", "Corelli Captain", and "Sonni" of which he is the realizer, but also in "the Associates", "Benjamin Gates and the treasure of Templiers" or "The Weather man". 2005, were announced for him like a long year of work, one indeed sees it in five full-length films of which "Electric God", or "Next". And in 2006, it will have the honor to make the promotion of a film of Oliver Stone, "World Trade Center"

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