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Francis Cabrel was born on November 23, 1953 in Agen from parents of Italian origin in a modest medium. It passes a happy childhood to Astafford, in contact with nature. It is around ten years that it receives from his uncle his first guitar. But, not knowing how to make use of it, it leaves it quickly side. They are only a few years later than it discovers its passion for the music through Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Jimi Hendrix or Beatles. Autodidact, it learns the musical theory with a handbook and decides with some friends to assemble a group (Virginys) in which it improvises singer.

The group is a real local success and when Francis is made return college, inflated by this success, it is devoted completely to the music and composes its first songs.
In 1974, a Toulouse radio organizes a contest for the young type-setters authors. Francis tries its chance and present at the jury his very beautiful song: "Small Marie" (song written for Mariette, its future wife) It gains the first price, at the origin, the recording of individual, but as the jury sees in him a future large high-speed motorboat, this first price transforms itself into recording of an album. This album, "the Walls of Dust", leaves in 1977 and the career of Francis takes off all gently before knowing a frank success, two years later, with "I like it to die". It is the beginning of a great career and an immense success which album after album, will not be contradicted. Always extremely discrete over its life (he is dad of two girls, Aurélie and Manon, born in 1985 and 1991), Francis does not hesitate to be invested to promote the music ("the Meetings of Astaffort" a musical and cultural festival since 1988) or, in causes humanitarian ("Dumbs," Noël Ensemble ", etc). Man in the large heart, sensitive and honest, impresses humanism and of frankness, Francis Cabrel is an example to be followed.

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Francis Cabrel
Singer Francis Cabrel
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