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Sandra Annette Bullock was born in Arlington (the USA) on July 26, 1964. Very young person, it moves in Nuremberg (Germany) to follow her mother, professional singer who found in her country of origin several engagements. In 1976, it is the return to the States Unis. There, it decides to become actress it follows courses in East Carolina University, then share in New York where it finds her first engagements in various off-Broadway spectacles. The cinema offers few opportunities to him and it plays only of minor parts in a series of films with small budgets. Decided well to put a blow of accelerator at its Sandra career exiles itself in California at the beginning of the Nineties.

Large good him A took since since 1993 she is success while replacing with the foot raised Lori Petty to become the principal female character of "Demolition Man", at the sides of Sylvester Stallone. As of the following year, it obtains its greater success with "Speed", of Jan De Bont, in which it interprets a charming girl, conducting of a bus to the catches with insane dangerous. She carries the adhesion of the spectators and is promoted star of the day at the following day. She connects films consequently: "Love at all costs", "Right to kill?", "Tracking on Internet", "Time to like", etc at the rate/rhythm of a turning per annum, without never finding the same grace as in the film which made known it general public.

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Sandra Bullock
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