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Carla Bruni was born in Turin on December 23, 1968. Girl of a mother pianist of a father type-setter, Carla is rocked in the music since her more tender childhood. She begins like mannequin very early, and becomes one of the women most photographed in the world. She ravels for largest, she is the egery many houses of haute couture. But pretty young woman with the face angelica hides behind this figure perfect a gold voice.

This subtle, and even sensual stamp decorated of a simple guitar and texts enjôleurs form an ideal unit that it delivers to us in 2002 on the album "Somebody said to me"
But beautiful Italian is not that interprets, it is also an author. Julien Clerc in addition fell under the charm from his delicate feather, remember "If I were it". Eh yes, surprising is not this?! But it is indeed marvellous Carla which is mom of this small jewel. Four long years after "Some has to Me Dit", beautiful Carla returns with a new album ("No Promised") all in English or with the wire of the eleven titles, blues rock'n'roll and folk elegantly mixes with the soft and sensual voice of Carla Bruni always also enchanter. In December 2007, the media french unveil a series of photographs of Carla Bruni and the President of the Republic Nicolas Sarkozy. On February 02, 2008, the lovely Carla Bruni became the first woman from marrying in France Nicolas Sarkozy.

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Carla Bruni
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