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Bruni Carla

Patrick Bruel of his true name Patrick Benguigui was born on May 14, 1959 in Tlemcen In Algeria. In 1962, his/her mother, professor of French, divorce and settle in Argenteuil.
In 1975, Patrick has the revelation, while going to see Sardou on the scene of Olympia. In 78, after having had its vat, it works with the Med Club, like GO. This same year, one of his/her buddies locates a small advertisement in "France evening". It is its first casting with Alexandre Arcady. Patrick is pointed out a few times after and makes its first film: "the blow of Sirocco".
In 1981, more than ever decided to make known itself musicalement, Patrick leaves its first individual, "Empty". It is a failure and it is necessary to wait two years and the tube "Enough of this chick it" so that the public is interested in this shy person good-looking young man.

Patrick also continues his cinematographic career, with "Profs", or "gangsters Attention".
In 1989 the album leaves "Then Looks at". It is success and the bruelmania underlined by interminable "Patriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick" starts.
Patrick spends the years four twenty ten, between music and cinema, but it should wait until 2002 for truly finding success with the album made up of resumptions in duet of titles of between two war as implies it the title: "Between Two". In 2006, it signs the texts and the musics of its new album, "Of the Memories In front of..." in which it is devoted to open heart and makes us dream the one moment space that it was well yesterday, but less although tomorrow.

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Patrick Bruel
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