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Jacques Romain George Brel was born in Brussels on April 8, 1929. Between catholic college and scouting, Jacques knows a middle-class and austere education. At 16 years, it creates a theatre company with some buddies and writes itself of the parts. In school failure, Jacques leaves the school in 1947 to work in the family company. This life is not appropriate to him, also to escape from it, it decides to precede the call to carry out its military service. June 1, 1950, Jacques marries earlier Thérèse Michielsen met a few years in a theatre company. At the end of 1951, is born their first daughter, Chantal. Mow of the clerical work and attracted by the song, Jacques composes some titles which it sings within the family framework or at the time of dances cabarets of Brussels. Noticed by Jacques Canetti, artistic person in charge at Philips and discoverer of talents, it decides to follow it to try its chance in Paris. It passes from many hearings, and takes down some engagements in cabarets but the reception of the public remains tepid.

In 1955, his wife and her children join it finally and they settle in Montreuil, in the Parisian suburbs. At the same time, it meets George Pasquier, known as Jojo, who not only becomes his driver, manager and right-hand man, but also his friend nearest. This same year is also that of the recording of its first disc at Philips.
In 1956, Jacques meets François Rauber, pianist traditional, who becomes his guide, and especially gives him the musical formation which it did not have.
Its second 33 turns leaves in 1957. He receives for this disc the Great Price of the Academy Charles Cros. The recognition of its talent finally starts to be perceived by the professionals. It will have to await the exit of its fourth album ("the waltz at 1000 times") to conquer in its turn the public. Consequently, the rounds and the recitals are connected on the largest scenes of the world (of the USA in the USSR while passing by the Middle East, without forgetting the old continent). It also multiplies the recordings and delivers to us some of these more beautiful pieces ("Lowland", "Amsterdam", etc.)
Tired by rounds without end and thinking that it does not have anything any more to say, Jacques Brel decides to give up the song in 1966, to devote itself to other projects (the cinema and voyages). In November it bids its farewell in Olympia.
In 1967, Jacques Brel, becomes the object of a musical in the USA, "Jacques Brel is alive and well and living room in Paris".
Jacques on its side turns to the cinema. In 1967, it makes its first film: "Risks of the trade", Andre Cayatte. Its talent of actor, who appeared already on scene, is recognized by all. From October 1968, it joue"l' Man of Mancha" to the Theatre of the currency in Brussels then with the theatre of the Elysées Fields in Paris before leaving again in an interminable round to which he puts an end in May 1969.
After having turned under the direction of several directors, it carries out its first film in 1971: "Frantz". This film meets a very weak success, but that does not discourage Jacques who will carry out another film ("FarWest") in 1973. That will know a total failure and will mark the end of the career of realizer for Jacques. Its performances as an actor counterbalances his failures, it turns "My uncle Benjamin" and "the bloody nuisance" of Edouard Molinaro, "the Adventure it is the adventure" of Claude Lelouch, of very great successes.
From 1974, knowing itself sick, Jacques almost exclusively devotes to navigation on its sailing ship Askoy in company of a young actress, Madly Bamy, with which it will share the last years of its life. In November, the doctors diagnose a lung cancer already very advanced.
In 1975, Jacques and Madly settle in the Marquesas Islands. It does not leave its island (Hiva Oa) to only go to Brussels to pass from the medical examinations.
In 1977, Jacques Brel decides, can be as a will, to record a disc. He returns to Paris at the end of August and lives in a small Parisian hotel. He stopped smoking and goes back to work with his faithful accomplices, François Rauber and Gerard Jouannest. Its health is bad, but Brel is very enthusiastic. The recording of twelve title takes place between September and October 1977. The exit of the album is an event and the disc is sold to more than one million specimen.
In July 1978, suddenly to most badly, Jacques is transported to France. It hospitalized in Neuilly following the discovery of a cancerous tumour. It passes the remainder of the summer in the south of France, but October 7, it is brought back urgently to the hospital of Bobigny, where it dies on October 9 of a pulmonary embolism.
Today still, its talent astonishes by its power, its poetry and its topicality.

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