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October 22, 1921, George-Charles Brassens is born to the 54 street from the Old people's home, in a popular district of Sète. His/her father, Louis Brassens, mason of his trade, are a convinced anticlerical, while his mother, Elvira Dagrosa, an Italian widow, are believing and catholic practising. Of its first marriage, it has a girl, Simone, born in 1912. She adores to sing successes of the time that she learns by cœur; this musical "climate" undoubtedly gave to George the idea of the way which it will follow.
1933 Brassens enters to the college, where, except in gymnastics and... in French, it shows a poor pupil, with the great despair of his/her mother, constraint to prevail ("I had a childhood happy, but wasted by the school") by removing its courses of music in particular to him.

1939 an incident melodramatic precipitates the "rise" in Paris from which George dreams for some time: mingled with a business with flight with jewels without gravity, it bails out one year of prison with deferment, which is worth to him to be returned college.

1940 In February, Brassens rejoins the capital, where it places in his aunt Antoinette who holds a pension to the 173 street of Alésia. Soon constrained with unemployment by a bomb fallen on the Renault factories where it exerts the trade of manœuvre, it learns the piano on the instrument from his aunt, passes long hours to the library of XIVe, plunged in the universe of the authors - the Fountain and Villon in particular - and writes its first rhymes.

1942 Brassens publishes for the first time, on account of author, a collection of poems rather satirical heading with the venvole.

1943 Necessary by the S.T.O (Service of obligatory work), Brassens is sent in Germany.

1944 In March, Brassens benefits from a permission to leave Germany definitively. Become deserter, it hides to the 9 Florimont dead end, at Jeanne Bonniec and her husband, "Auvergnat" Marcel Planche. There will remain terré in its room until August 24, dates from the Release of Paris.

1946 With his friends of the STO and Sète, it dreams to launch a newspaper non conformist, the Cry of Gueux, project which will never be born. It binds with a group of anarchists of the Federation of XVe district (Marcel Lepoil, Henri Bouye, the poet Armand Robin) and collaborates some time in the Libertarian under the pseudonym of OJ the Cedilla.

1947 It publishes on account of author a surrealist lampoon, the moon listens with the doors, under a false jacket of the N.R.F. Malheureusement, not more Gallimard that literary criticism do not react.
It falls in love with Joha Heymann, ten years a Jewish Estonian her elder. "Püppchen" will remain discrete the, faithful one and beloved partner of its life.

1948-1951 success is made attendre… The public of the Vault of the Republic, where it passes thanks to the support of the chansonnier Jacques Grello, reserves an icy reception to him. It is presented without success at the Taboo, the lock, Nimble Rabbit.

1952 on March 6, Pierre Gallant, chronicler with Paris-Match, a hearing at Patachou takes down to him, in its Montmartrean cabaret. The singer and the public are immediately subjugated. Jacques Canetti, friend of Patachou and director of the Polydor-Philips house, invite Brassens to pass in his famous cabaret of the Three Donkeys. It carries out its first recording and meets Pierre Nicolas, who will become his appointed double bass player and all its life will accompany it.

1954 Song recitals in Olympia, then in Bobino. Exit of an album 33 turns. Price of the Academy Charles Cros. Publication of the bad reputation at Denoël.

1955 the song the gorilla is diffused on Europe 1, only station to have agreed to pass the title.

1957-1960 Triumphs in Olympia, Alhambra and Bobino. Round abroad (Swiss, Belgium, Italy, North Africa).

1961 Brassens undertakes a round in Canada.

1962 Exit of the ninth twenty-five centimetres. Repeated crises of renal colics, which terribly make it suffer. Died of his/her mother, December 31.

1963 Operation of the kidney. Price Vincent Scotto.

1965 Died of his/her father.

1966 Two months of recital (September and October) to the Palate of Chaillot.

1967 Second operation of the kidney. Great price of poetry decreed by the French Academy.

1968 Although Brassens does not mix with the demonstrations with May, its sympathy goes to the young protestors. Died of Jeanne.

1972 Take part in an official reception against the death penalty at the sides of Léo Ferré. Remain three months whole with Bobino.

1973 News – and last – round in France and Belgium.

1976-1977 Exit of its last album, it twelfth. From October at March, it passes to Bobino and pulverizes all the records of entries.
1979 Incarnate the hedgehog for a musical tale intended for the children, émilie Jolie.

1980 Record with George Tabet a double disc of Songs of its youth, for the benefit of Association Snowdrop of Ventura Lino.

1981 on October 29, Brassens dies of a cancer.

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