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Marlon Brando was born on April 3, 1924 in a modest family from Omaha (Nebraska) of a mother actress depressive and alcoholic and of a commercial father womanizer, according to Marlon itself.
To 20 years, it leaves to New York where it is registered at the prestigious school of dramatic art Actor' S Studio. The Marlon young person burns the boards in 1947 in Broadway in "a tram named desire", which opens the doors of Hollywood to him.
In 1950, it makes its beginnings with the large screen with "They were men" of Fred Zinneman, before being directed in 1951par Elia Kazan for the turning of "a tram named desire", film which will révèlera it in the whole world.
Brando takes down a first Oscar of better actor in 1954 for "On the quays" of Elia Kazan.

After a series of poor productions in the years 1960, its career is started again in 1972 thanks to the role of Gift Corleone in "the godfather" of Francis Ford Coppola, which gives him a second Oscar. But it sends to receive it one presumedly Amerindian - makes a Hispanic actress of it - to protest against the way in which Hollywood treats the Indians.
It is as in 1972 as it is noticed for its sulfurous service in "the Last tango in Paris" of Bernardo Bertolucci.
Already Marlon is sick and fights against its own demons, it moves away more and more from Hollywood to take refuge in French Polynesia with which it fell in love during turning with "Revolted with Bounty".
It is in 1989, that he "divorces" the cinema in spite of some food "appearances". It turns for the last time in 2001 in "The Score".
Its family life is animated and tragic. It had ten children, resulting from several marriages and relations. In 1990, his/her elder son Christian assassinates been engaged of the one of his daughters, Cheyenne. Christian Brando makes five years of prison and Cheyenne, in prey with the depression, commits suicide in 1995.
These last years, it lived alone and involved in debt (debts rising to 20 million dollars) in its house of Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles, resembling more and more to the desperate character of colonel Kurtz lost in the jungle Vietnamese which it had interpreted in "Now Apocalypse".
Marlon Brando, one of the largest actor than Hollywood knew is deceased on July 1 2004 of a pulmonary disease.

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Marlon Brando
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