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Brando Marlon

David Bowie, from his true name David Robert Jones, was born in London on January 8, 1947. He follows studies studious and obtains, at 16 years, a diploma in joinery. However, as of the finished school, it quickly gives up this die to work like mannequin and to learn the music. It has a certain talent of saxophonist and is engaged by several groups which record ten individual. Success is not with go but David forges the character during these years difficult and it relies total in him and its talent. It is not wrong, since in 1969 the album "Space Oddity leaves" which meets a true success thanks to the title headlight which with given its name to the album. Agitator, it gets dressed as a woman, takes drugs, acknowledges his bisexuality and crosses the Sixties ten by often doing the one of the newspapers. Its career connait tops and bottoms, and atteind the top with Ziggy Stardust into 73. The albums are enchainent with an incredible rhytme and moreover, David produces a number of another artist (Lou Reed, Iggy Pop).

With the turning of the Eighties David does not confine that to the rock'n'roll and he turns in some films "The Hunger" with Catherine Deneuve, "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence", etc. In 1983 the album "Let' S Dance leaves", which starts again the bowiemania but finally is not with the taste of its creator. David crosses the Eighties like a slow descent in the hells of the star system and lose himself in a work of poor quality until 1993 and the exit of "Black tie White Noise" and especially "Outside" in 1995. Since it enchaine turned and album by keeping a certain constancy in the quality of its work and can be praised at almost 60 years to have become a world musical reference.

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David Bowie
Singer David Bowie
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