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Bourgoin Louise

Isabelle Boulay was born on July 6, 1972 in Ste Félicité in Quebec. Girl of restorers, Isabelle finds the occasion as of her childhood to sing in front of the customers then to take part in local contests where it is recognized like a child prodigy. While following studies of literature it continues to sing and takes part in many contests which open the doors to him towards the world of the spectacle. She becomes chorus-singer of Bigras for a round then only ensures, since 1993, the first part of artists like Ginette Reno, Claude Léveillée or Louise Forestier. Hoping to give a new dash its career has, it makes the great jump and comes to France where it makes strong impression on Luc Plamendon who urges it in 1995 to sing in Starmania. In 1996, Isabelle leaves its first album solo, "Was not necessary". In 1998 is with the turn of "States D' Amour" to leave to the conquest a public which increases and finally in 2000 "Better Than Here Low" the dedication thanks to two to him Victoire of the Music brings.

This time was finished some for Isabelle ensuring the first parts of another singer, it is it which is with the poster, in particular with Olympia, its dream of child. Recognized like one of large the singer with voice of her generation, Isabelle Boulay does not have anything any more to fear for the continuation of her career. In 2004 it leaves the album "A whole Day" and sets out again on the roads of Quebec and France to the meeting of a public conquered by this small end of woman.

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Isabelle Boulay
singer Boulay Isabelle
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