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John Frank Bongiovi, elder from 3 boys, was born with in Perth Amboy on March 2, 1962. Impassioned music, it has the chance to have understanding parents who encourage it while offering to him, as of his youth, an acoustic guitar. The young singer forms with friends of college a group strongly influenced by Bruce Springsteen. To gain its pocket money, Jon works like odd-job man in the studio of his/her cousin. Its wages are modest, but its station gives him the advisability of attending the recordings of largest - David Bowie, Rolling Stones, Huey Lewis and Aerosmith - of which it can observe with leisure the technique and professionalism.

It is during this period that it composes "Runaway". Thinking rightly that this title will open the doors of glory to him, Jon forms a group in order to promote the song. The first album is recorded in a few weeks, it leaves in January 1984. Bon Jovi turns in the clubs before joining Scorpions for which it opens March at October 1984. It embarks then on the European round of Kiss, the group finds time to record a second album which leaves in April 1985, catalogued like melody hard rock, version clean, intended for the radios FM, it meets a honourable success again. The exit of "Slippery When Wet" in 86 which is sold with more than thirteen million specimens makes of Good Jovi, one of the groups which case. The formula large rock'n'roll square and the mouth of angel of Jon Bon Jovi make devastations. This third album will remain classified 46 weeks in Signal 10.
The fourth album "New Jersey" recorded under the pressure exerted by the media so much it seems difficult to succeed "Slippery When Wet", leaves in 1988. The sales sales are once more with go and the group launches out in a round marathon which will last two years and will exhaust all the members of the group which separates in 1990.
Jon Bon Jovi starts a career solo with the recording of the BOF of the film "Young Guns II". Individual "the Blaze of Glory" gives him its first large tube in France. Parrallèlement, it produces some titles for Billy Falcon, Aldo Nova, Stevie Nicks and Hall & Oates.
In 1992, after 3 years of silence and a change of musical orientation, Bon Jovi signs its return with the album "Keep The Faith".
Albums, individual and compilations are followed to the tops of the international charts and the group in 95, makes the first part of Rolling Stones for their Voodoo Lounge Tour. Bon Jovi passes the course of the year 2000 with a new album Crush, always also rock'n'roll, always so muscular. In 2001, One Wild Night: Live 1985-2001 leaves in the vats. In September 2002, Bon Jovi delivers new a opus somewhat disappointing Bounce. After three years of absence, Bon Jovi returns in 2005 with a new album "Cuts A Nice Day" without great surprises but in spite of very excellent.

NAME: Bongiovi
PSEUDONYM: Jon Good Jovi
FAMILY CIRCUMSTANCES: Married, 2 children, Stéphanie Pink and Jesse James
LEISURES: To eat, sleep
ADORE: Rolling Stones
DETESTE: Glances of those which are turned over on its passage
1st SESSION Of RECORDING: With group THE REST in 1980 pennies production of Billy Squier.
1ST APPEARANCE SCENIQUE: With the college of Sayreville for a springboard (arrived at the last place).
Richie SAMBORA guitar, born on July 11, 1959
Alec John SUCH low, born on November 14, 1956
David BRYAN keyboards, born David Rashbaum, February 7, 1962
Tico TORRES beater, born on October 7, 1953

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