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Romane Bohringer was born on April 14, 1973. Girl of the actor Richard Bohringer, it is quite naturally that it attends the plates of cinema where the meeting of large actors as Romy Schneider gives him desire for becoming actress. She makes shy persons beginnings in 1986 in "Kamikaze" then turns to the theatre in "the Storm Of William Shakespeare". In 1992, its role in "the Nights Deer" is worth César of the Best Female Hope to him, and as from this moment its career takes a new turning. Romance remains very selective in the choice of its films and its appearances if it are not attend are always very great quality ("the Accompanying one", "Mina Tannenbaum", "Rimbaud Verlaine", etc).

Towards the end of the Nineties it shares its time between studios of cinema and boards of the scenes of theatres where it excels, amongst other things, in a contemporary version "Romeo And Juliette" or in "Fantômas Revient". General-purpose actress, Romane does not have a plan of career and built this one while following her desires, her blow of heart as for "Which Likes Me Follows Me" or "It Is Beautiful a City the Night" films of which it will be with the poster in 2006.

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Romane Bohringer
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