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Andréa Bocelli was born on September 22, 1958 in Lajatico in Italy. It becomes blind at the 12 years age following a glaucome worsened by chronic diabetes. It goes in a school specialized to learn the Braille where the beauty of its voice enables him to become soloist in the choral society of the establishment.
Encouraged, it takes part in many contests of song but, in spite of its great passion for the music, it makes a point of finishing its studies and obtains a lawyer licence in 1986.

It is with not very ready at this period that a determining meeting occurs in the life from Andréa: Free Corelli, legendary tenor, agree to take it as raises. In 1993, Andréa marries Enrica, a coed in French literature. The same year, success arrives when Zucchero requires of Andréa to sing in duet with him "Miserere", after this success in its payx, the rest of the world discovers it at the time of the exit of the planetary tube "Idiot you partirò", number 1 in France during six weeks. Andréa records its first album and occurs in many concerts and emission of television, it sings even in the Vatican at the request of the pope. In 1998 the blind angel connait a first reverse while being tested with the opera, its service does not convince the public nor criticism and Andréa turns over without delaying in a register with the less demanding public: variety. It continues malgrés all its work of tenor for his discs, recording the most famous arias of the repertory and some lyric integrals which meets chaques times an enormous success, proving, if it were necessary, that Andréa Bocelli with successful with reconcilier, thanks to his voice, public with the classical music. In 2006, Andréa leaves a new very romantic album ("Amore"), this opus contains also the Olympic anthem of the Games of Turin 2006: l’hymne of fence of the OJ d’hiver 2006 "Because We Believe".

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Andrea Bocelli
Great singer Andrea Bocelli
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