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Blunt James

Name:: Bloom
First name: Orlando
Nickname: Orli
Date of birth January:13, 1977
Cut: 1m77
Birthplace: Canteburry, England
Family:: Harry, her father, died in 1981. He was a writer. He has an elder sister, Samantha, which is also intended for the trade of actor.
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Favorite pastimes: Photography and sculpture
Sports Preferred: The jump with the rubber band, surfing and the snowboard
Its beginnings: It decides has to become actor by seeing Paul Newman in "the swindler". In 1993, it moves in London where it takes courses of theatre. One year later, it appears in an episode of "Casualty".

Its first times

First blow of heart: "When I was small, I was in love with Linde Evans in" Dynasty. My aunt, who works in publicity in New York, had had the occasion to meet her when it had come to turn a spot of pub, and it had asked him to dedicate a photograph for me. I was insane of joy and I always have the photograph ".

First disc: "Triller of Michael Jackson, is the very first disc which I bought."

First odd job:"A 13 years, I took a job of launcher of clay disc! If, if, that exists! It is a question throwing the discus in the air so that gunners armed with a rifle can draw above. It was a sympathetic job and, moreover, I was with the large air."

First thunderbolt for a film: "It was" the swindler ", with Paul Newman. I adored this film after having seen it, I knew that I wanted to become actor ".

The first tattooing: "When the actors of the lord of the rings did everything to tattoo, that were not new for me. I was made tattoo for the first time at 15 years. It acts of a small sun placed under the navel."

First amulet: "I have small a pyramid blue made up of several invaluable stones, lapis lazuli, which I take along everywhere with me. I always pose it on my bedside table because these stones are supposed to bring wisdom to their owner."

First concert: "Jamiroquai, in my birthplace with Canteburry, when I was teenager"

First car: "I bought my very first car for 160 pounds (approximately 250 euros) in an auction sale. I there was very attached and I regret of me being separated from it, even if it were a wreck ".

First role with the cinema: "I played a very minor part in film" Wilde Oscar ". I interpreted a homosexual young person. One offered many roles to me to the cinema after that, but I preferred to devote myself to the theatre for three years more ".

First scene in "the Lord of the Rings": "the first day of turning, I was to play a scene in which Legolas speaks to other elves in their mother tongue. Unfortunately the elf is a language very difficult to pronounce and I had to begin again to me there on several occasions before arriving there "!

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Orlando Bloom
Actor Bloom Orlando
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