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Mary J Blige (J for Jane) was born on July 11, 1971 in Savannah (the USA) but grows in Bronx, a district of New York. Its childhood in this poor district is punctuated by moments of happinesses when it sings in the choral society of the church and very quickly Mary J begins to dream of a career of singer. She records a cassette of demonstration which goes up to the ears of a producer for the hour unknown but which will become thereafter celebrates it Puff Daddy. The collaboration of two young people gives birth in 1992 to a superb album ("What' S The 411?") extraordinary fusional mixture of Hip Hop and R' B which is sold with more than three million specimens. Its voice and its charisma make him give the nickname of The Queen of Hip Hop Soul and Mary J must take up the challenge while confirming for the continuation of its career.

It is thing made in 1994 with the album "My Life". Since Mary J with sung with largest Franklin Aretha, Eric Clapton, Elton John or George Michael with which it record a tube internationnal ("Ace") in 1999. Today it benefits from its notoriety to transmit a message of peace and love and to invest themselves in the humanitarian. Each new album is an event and the latest to date, "Growing Pains" came out in early 2008, does not derogate from the rule by delivering superb titles to us on which Mary J poses its voice always also sublîme.

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Mary J Blige
Singer Mary J Blige
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