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Bertrand Blier was born 14 the Mars 1939 in Paris. He begins in the cinema in so much assistant realizer in 1959 on "Oh! that mambo "of John Berry.
A 23 years, it carries out its first film, "Hitler, Connais Not", result of testimonys lived by a French youth and their vision of the future. Blier is already separate, with a cinéma-vérité and a total influence in reality.
It is however necessary to wait until 1974 so that Blier realizer is made a name with the public triumph of the "Waltzers" and of its trio high-speed motorboat Gerard Depardieu, Patrick Dewaere and Miou-Miou.
Thanks to film "Prepare your handkerchiefs" it gains the Oscar of best foreign film.
With "Too Beautiful for you" in 1989 it raid the majority of César and grants a deserved dedication.

Scenario writer of the totality of his films, Bertrand Blier is one of the most ambitious scenario writers of the 7th European Art, one of those having a marked and noticed style, true in love with the 7th Art.
Impossible to circumvent and waited, each one of its films offer moments of rare happiness.

2005 - Combien Tu M'aimes ?
2003 - Les Côtelettes
2000 - Les Acteurs
1996 - Mon Homme
1993 - 1, 2, 3, Soleil!
1991 - Merci la vie
1989 - Trop belle pour toi
1986 - Tenue de Soirée
1984 - Notre histoire
1983 - La femme de mon pote
1981 - Beau-père
1979 - Buffet Froid
1978 - Préparez vos mouchoirs
1976 - Calmos
1974 - Les Valseuses
1967 - Si j'étais un espion
1963 - Hitler, connais pas

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Great french realizer : Bertrand Blier
Photography of Blier Bertrand
Bertrand Blier director


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