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Bjork Gudmundsdottir was born on November 21, 1965 in Iceland where it grows with her many brothers and sisters in a Hippie community. It very early discovers its vocation for the music by studying the piano, then by recording its first disc at the eleven years age (of the resumptions of Beatles). At thirteen years, it melts its first group "Exodus", five years later it is once again at the origin of a group: "Kukl" which it even not yet towards success. In 1986, with the group "Sugarcube" Bjork finally manages to make known itself apart from its native land. In 1993, it launches out in a career solo and leaves its album "Beginning" which meets a broad success (more than 2 million and half of sold specimens). Two years later, it records the melancholic person "Post" then "Telegram" and finally in 1997 "Homogenic" which confirms, if it is still useful, that it is well one of best the singers in the world.

In 2000, Björk returns under fires of the slope, by receiving the Gold Palm of the Best Actress in Cannes for her interpretation in "Dancer In The Dark". In August 2001 leaves "Vespertine" unanimously greeted by the criticism which does not hesitate to describe it as chief of work.
In August 2004, after a long absence, Bjork returns finally with a new album entitled "Medulla" from which "Oceania is extracted", the title sung by the Bjork siren at the time of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games of Athens. In 2007 Bjork returns with the album "Volta" which, as usual, delivers in ten titles a part of the phantasmagoric universe of beautiful the Icelander. Will include/understand which will want .

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