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Juliette Binoche was born in Paris on March 9, 1964 in a very artistic family. It is during its adolescence that it integrates, with the theatre, the team of its mother in so much qu_eclairagist and costumière. Whereas it is still with the college in Dormouse-and-Expensive, it returns to Paris or it exposes its talents on the boards by playing "the Hypochondriac", of Molière and while assembling "the king Dies", of Eugene Ionesco.
Later, it makes a televisual appearance in "Dorothée, dancer of cord" of Jacques Fansten, while exerting various small jobs.
Its career which one can today describe as specimen truly began in 1983, with "Liberty Belle" of Pascal Kané in whom it makes a short appearance. But it is following its brilliant service in "Go" from it receives the honors of the Festival of Cannes like its first nomination for César of the best actress.
Superb young woman connects turnings, but it is "Insupportable Lightness To be it" American production of Philip Kaufman which propels it to the very coveted row of world stars.

Juliette leaves Paris and share for London, or it is made a gold place with "Fatal" of Louis Malle, and "Wuthering Heights" of Peter Kosminski.
After to have declined the offers of Steven Spielberg for "Jurassic Park" and "the List of Schindler", it plays in 1993 in the trilogy "Blue", "White" and "Red" of Krzysztof Kieslowski. It gains, as with its practice, César of the best actress, which is worth to him a nomination with the Goldens delicious Awards Earth and the Volpi cut of the best actress of the festival of Venice.
But Juliette exerts very an other vocation, that of mom, it is thus the sunbeam of Hannah and Raphael, these two small old jewels of 6 and 12 years.
She continues to stroll on turnings, or she impresses actors, producers and realizers. Its charisma and its naturalness allure an increasingly large audience.
In 1997, its service époustouflante in "the English Patient" of Anthony Minghella is worth a planetary triumph to him. She is then crowned by the Oscar of the Best second female role and by money l’Ours of the Best actress of the festival of Berlin.
Nevertheless, it is not interested by the strasses and the spangles of the American star system, this is why it turns over on the boards London in order to play "Naked" of Pirandello then returns to France and works again with Téchiné in 1998 on "Alice and Martin". The same year it becomes the youngest president of César of the history.
Then it meets that which will become the father of its small Hannah, on the turning of "Children of the century". Its name: Benoit Magimel, a wonder as regards French cinema.
In 2000, the theatre New Yorkais allows Juliette of ressourcer, in particular in "Betrayal" which will allow him a nomination in Tony awards (l’équivalent American of Molière). Then "Chocolate" with Johnny Depp will bring the key final to the fabulous work which it carried out until aujourd’hui and will charm a public more already conquered by splendid Frenchy.
But 2004 remain certainly the year charged with its career because it engages on 3 anglophone films like on a French film.
The Princess of the cinema to thus behind her a long career worthy of largest

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Great french actress Juliette Binoche
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