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Halle Berry was born on August 14, 1966 in Cleveland (Ohio - the USA) from a father doctor and a mother nurse. She is raised by her mother, who not without reason sees in her charming girl. She pushes her daughter towards different contest of miss and the young Halle Berry gains its first contest at the fourteen years age. Noticed for her beauty, the girl is selected to take part in the election of Miss the USA then Miss World. She does not gain these contests, but its charisma attracts producers of televised series. In 1989 Halle Berry takes down its first role in "Dolls Living room" but it should wait until 1991 before the cinema is not interested in her. If these first roles are not very consistent, Halle Berry does not release, not decided well to bore.

In 2000, she knows finally the dedication thanks to her interpretation of Tornado in "X-Men". Its talent is finally recognized and Halle Berry becomes large a star of Hollywood by receiving the Oscar of the best actress in 2002 for her role in "A the Shade Of Hatred". It becomes by the same occasion the first black actress to receive this reward. Halle Berry connects since successes and, of "Die Another Day" in 2003 with "Robots" in 2005, became an actress impossible to circumvent who will be into 2007/2008 with the poster of at least four new films

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Great american actress Halle Berry
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