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Gael Garcia Bernal was born the 30 octobre1978 with Guadalajara in Mexico. It makes its first televisual appearances at age the 9 years in the series "Teresa" at the sides of Salma Hayek. One will re-examine it on the small screen a few years later, in the Mexican series "El Abuelo y Yo".
While following courses of theatre, the Gael young person is integrated into the casting of a court measuring, "Of tripas, Corazon". He decides at the 17 years age to leave Mexico and leaves for London or he follows courses of dramatic art in prestigious Central School of Speech and Drama.
Then Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu proposes to him a role in "Amores Perros". The young man answers the call of the realizer and sets out again for Mexico. Good intuition on behalf of beautiful Gael, because the film will be nominated with the Oscar as a better foreign film.

Its career takes off and turnings are connected, in 2001 Alfonso Cuaron a role in "Y you mama tambien", in 2002, one sees it has the poster of "Sin Noticias de Dios" with Fanny Ardant, Victoria Abrill and Penelope Cruz.
Then it will have the first role in "the Crime of Amaro Priest", of Shine Carlos Carrera.
February 10, 2003, the sexy Mexican takes part in the Latin-American Festival of Cinematography in New York or it defends its film "Vidas Privadas", of Fito Paez.
Lastly, we will re-examine it with the Festival of Cannes in May 2004 or it presents "bad Education". But it is by playing Che Guevara in "Motorcycle Diaries" that it will be really pointed out.
Side heart, the way is free for all the headstocks fans of this true charmer since it separated last August from Natalie Portman.

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