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Jean-Paul Belmondo was born in the Neuilly-on-Seine on April 9 1933 from a father sculptor and a mother painter. He very young person is impassioned by the sport (he practises football and boxing) and thinks of making a sporting career, but he dreams to become actor. He directs himself then towards the comedy and enters to the national academy of dramatic art in 1952.
One of its Profs, declares one day to him, that with the head which it has, it will be able to never take a woman in her arms because it would not be credible. Jean-Paul gives him twists, at least in its private, since in 1953 it marries Elodie, a dancer, with whom it will have three children: Patricia, Florence and Paul.
Its first appearance with the cinema is done in "Would be beautiful and keep silent" of 1957 and its first important role is entrusted to him by Claude Sautet in "Class all risks". With "A boils of breath" of Jean-Luc Godard, Jean-Paul really appears and asserts himself by his technique of inimitable play.

Consequently, the most famous scenario writers claims it and it connects films with success: "Cartridge", "the man of Rio", "Pierrot the insane one", "the siren of the Mississippi", "Doctor Popaul", "the doulos" and well of others still. It carries out all the cascades of its films, in particular in "Fear on the city" of Henri Verneuil and multiplies with the turning of the Eighties the triumphs with the boxoffice, with George Lautner for "Cop or hooligan" or "the Professional" or with Gerard Oury for "the Ace of the Aces" in 1982.
In 1987, nearly 30 years after having left the boards, it goes up on a scene of theatre for the greatest happiness of the public. From this moment it is divided between cinema and theatre. Claude Lelouch offers roles to him emblematic ("Route of a child spoiled" into 1988 who is worth César of the best actor to him. or "Poor wretches" in 1995). In 1989, Jean-Paul meets Natty (it married it in 2002)
He plays for Cédric Klapisch in ' Can -être' and in 2000 in ' Acteurs' de Bertrand Blier, his last great role with the cinema, since he devotes himself more and more to the theatre. In spite of problems cardio- vascular, Jean-Paul Belmondo remains large in love with the life and with have with his wife a fourth child (Stella, born on August 13, 2003).

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