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Monica Bellucci was born on September 30, 1968 (1964, 1969?) in Città di Castello (Italy). It grows in a protected medium and is a studious pupil who directs herself towards studies of right. To pay its studies academic, it launches out in mannequinât at the 18 years age. It is caught quickly with the play and gives up its studies to sign a contract with the Elite agency. Decided well to prove that its beauty is not its only weapon, Monica Bellucci takes courses of comedy. In 1990, it takes its first steps in front of the cameras while playing in a telefilm. After having obtained a minor part in "Dracula" of Coppola in 1992, Monica turns in some Italian films, but it is disappointed by the roles which are proposed to him and decides to reorientate its career while leaving to the attack the French cinema.

In 1996, it plays in "the Apartment". This film will be a revelation for the public and criticism, beautiful Monica is nominated in Césars in the category "Better Hope Female". Vincent Cassel, his partner in film becomes his partner in the life (they have a girl, Deva, born in 2004) and the couple turns the following year in "Doberman pinscher". Noticed by several American realizers, Monica launches out since 2000 in a Hollywood career while playing in "Suspicion". Sharing its life between France, Italy and the USA, Monica Bellucci becomes a star world and is unanimously recognized like such. It connects the roles and of "the Passion Of the Christ" of Mel Gibson in 2004 with "How much You Like Me?" of Bertrand Blier in 2005 or "Napoleon And Me" of Paolo Virzi in 2006, Monica proves that it is at ease in all the registers and that for the pleasure of its more fans each day. In 2007-08, its notebook of turning remains always also filled and bent it Italian will be with the poster of "Sonia", "the Second Breath", "Centricity", "Shot ' EM Up", etc.

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Actress Monica Bellucci
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