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Ludwig Van Beethoven was born on December 17, 1770 in Bonn. It is ainé of a family of seven children. His/her father, musician, wish to make of him a child prodigy and to this end a rigorous musical education inculcates to him. In 1778, the Ludwig young person gives his first public representation in Cologne. He is noticed by Gottlob Neefe which, conscious of the extraordinary capacities of Beethoven, proposes to compensate his/her father in his role of éducateur.En 1782, Beethoven publishes his first œuvre: 9 variations, in C minor, for piano. One speaks about him like future Mozart, the meeting between the two men with place in 1787, at the time of the first voyage of Ludwig in Vienna. The same year is remembered by the death of his/her mother. His/her father more and more often drunk is in the incapacity to ensure the education of his young brothers, Ludwig will undertake all his life it.

In 1792, Beethoven settles in Vienna where it becomes one of the dominant personalities of the musical world. It devotes a great part of its time to the composition. From 1794, it starts to interpret its works as a public. If it composes its first symphony in 1800, the genius of Beethoven shows through with the writing of its first chiefs of works about 1802. Pushing back the established musical uses, illuminated by friendships in love, threatened by deafness it is thrown in the composition of œuvres imposing: exceptional sonatas for pianos, symphonies 2 to 8. During ten years, all that writes Beethoven is only pure happiness, but since 1813, tired of Vienna and its intrigues, patient, haunted by the idea of death, overpowered by its deafness (which will become total in 1819) it sinks in despair and silence. It owes its rebirth with the writing of its imposing "Missa Solemnis" and finds its faith passed in its art to write some of the most imposing works of the music. 26 March 1827, sick, he dies in Vienna. Ludwig Van Beethoven bequeaths to humanity an immense work which knows since a permanent glory.

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classical music compositor Beethoven
Picture of Ludwig Van Beethoven
Van Beethoven classical compositor


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