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Bedingfield Natasha

Daniel Bedingfield was born in New Zealand on December 3, 1979. He however passed the major part of his childhood to London to England. As of the 6 years age, he writes his first songs and take courses of piano. Whereas it is still at the primary school, it assembles a small group with his sisters, the babys rock'n'roll stars give itself of representation at the time of the school village fairs.
Whereas it is impassioned of music, Daniel launches out in very an other field, the design of Internet site. But for the designer, which was not whereas a pastime will become vital. He realizes that he saw only for the music and begins the composition from its first album "Gotta Get Thru This" left in 2002. Individual ' the You' Re not very electronic The One "first of all functions with wonder in the clubs, but it is the remixée version which makes it possible a larger audience to meet a young singer of talent.

Its dream: to conquer America... On the way towards this search, a second extract of its album leaves to the United Kingdom and is placed in first place of the sales of discs. Its talent is rewarded a few months only after the exit for the album by Brit Awards.
Unfortunately, a shade is placed in the table in 2003. Indeed, the singer is seriously wounded in a road accident. He sets out again in Australia, or he continues his convalescence. There he writes low its second album, but is once more to touch by the bad luck, since a pirate of the Net steals his new compositions to him. But the album will leave all the same in February 2005.

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