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Gilbert Bécaud, from his true name François Gilbert Léopold Silly, was born in Toulon on October 24, 1927. Like his/her mother musician, it launches out in the music and integrates the academy of Nice into the nine years age. In 1942, the family moves for Paris, there, it follows the courses of a large musician. The war finished, the François young person can devote himself to his art. He is made engage in the Parisian cabarets where he takes for the circumstance the name of his father-in-law: Bécaud. In 1950, its first success meets by Co-writing a song for Edith Piaf (I have you in the skin). He becomes the manager of Edith what enables him to return definitively in the song. Three years later it records its first 45 turns and festival the birth of its first wire (it had five children: Gaya, Philippe, Anne, Emily and Jennifer).

In February 1954, in concert in Olympia, thousands of young people break the armchairs of the famous variety in front of its dynamism, its vitality and its talent. The journalists create a nickname to him to measure: "Mister 100 000 Volts". From 1955, it passes the majority of its time in round, the United States in Japan while passing by whole Europe and thus spends the Sixties. During the Seventies, Bécaud records many successes and its discs are sold like rolls. But this unrestrained rate/rhythm of life tires much the singer who finishes this decade with the snatch and begins the following one with some large tubes (indifference, Désirée, etc). Gilbert writes to a musical "Mrs Roza" who is played for the first time in 1986 in New York. In 1992, after an album and a new series in concerts throughout the world, Gilbert Bécaud with need to rest: its nicotinism starts to use trés seriously health to him. But it is not kind to let itself cut down and returns in Olympia in 1997 to celebrate there with the public its sixty ten years. Untiring, in spite of the disease which corrodes it, Gilbert Bécaud continuous to record titles and its last album leaves one year before its death. December 18, 2001, it dies on its named barge Aran, close to Paris. All the profession pays to him homage Friday December 21 at the time of its funerals in the church of the Madeleine in Paris. With its disappearance, France loses one of its most talented ambassadors of the French song.

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