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Emmanuelle Béart was born on August 14, 1965 in Saint-Tropez. It makes its first film ("the Race of hare through the fields" of Rene Clément) in 1972.
To the beginning of the Eighties it follows during a few times a Parisian school of dramatic art which it leaves for various engagement: "a prohibited love" of Jean-Pierre Dougnac then "Love into soft" of Edouard Molinaro. It is on the turning of the latter film that it meets Daniel Auteuil with whom it will share ten years of his life and will have a child (Nelly).
In 1985, it turns "Manon of the Sources", of Claude Berri, who makes it discover with the public. For its interpretation, it obtains César of the Best Second Female Role. Disconcerting, beautiful, talented, it does not fall into the facility as for the choices from its characters and is shown very at ease in the dramatic register, "the Children of the disorder" or "Nelly and Mr Arnaud" of it are the proof.

In 1996, it internationnalise its career while playing in "impossible Mission" at the side of Tom Cruise, then moves away for a few times from the light from the projectors. From 1999 Emmanuelle reconsiders the front of the scene and enchaine turnings. In 2001, 2003 then 2004 it is present at the festival of Cannes. The two first times to present in official competition "the Repetition" and "Mislaid", in 2004 it are member of the jury.
Actress meticulous person with will have and with the envoutant charm, Emmanuelle Béart knew to conquer the heart of the spectators who raised it with the row of the largest actresses.

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