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Kim Basinger was born on December 8, 1953 in Athens (Georgia, the USA). It is of Swedish, German ascent and cherokee. After a passage to the college, where it côtoyait Keith Strickland of B-52' S, it launches out in a career of mannequin to the agency Eileen Ford. Noticed for its beauty, on the producers decide themselves to leave him a chance to become actress. One thus sees it appearing in the series "the man who was worth three billion" in 1974, in "Funny of injuries" two years later, or in the mini-series "As long as there will be men", who will allow him to affirm his potential of actress. Its first truth great role with the cinema, it takes down it in 1983, in the role of a James Bond girl in "Never Never again", an episode "not-official" of James Bond (then exceptionally incarnated by Sean Connery) and carried out by Irvin Kershner (the empire counter-attacks).

International success obliges, Kim Basinger connects films and successes: "To drink And Vexations" of Blake Edwards, "Best", of Barry Levinson, "9 weeks 1/2", of Adrian Lyne propel it on the tops. It marries Alec Baldwin in 1993 and after turning "Loan-with-to carry" the couple decides to take a little retreat to give rise to their daughter Ireland Eliesse in 1995. In 1996, characterial Kim Basinger signs for "Boxing Helena", then conceals himself with her obligations. Lawsuit. It loses the lawsuit, owes 8 million dollars, is declared in bankruptcy, is isolated from Hollywood. In 1997 it signs finally its return under the supervision of Curtis Hanson, in the role of the call-girl Lynn Bracken of "L.A. Confidential". Its service is worth to him the Oscar of the best second female role. A surging divorce at the end of the Nineties completes a long period of bad luck, and since 2000 Kim Basinger returns at regular intervals to visit us on large screen: "8 Mile" in 2000, "Cellular linen" in 2004 or "The Sentinel" in 2006.

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