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Barton Mischa

Jenifer Bartoli was born on November 15, 1982 in Nice (France) (ascending scorpion Sagittarius). Jenifer stops the studies after having redoubled its second and even if it undertakes during a few times a formation of préparatrice in pharmacy, it is the song which attracts it. In 1997, it takes part in the emission "Granulates Of Star" but does not manage to bore. It settles in Paris and connects various odd jobs. In 2000 it takes part in the casting of "Star Académy" east gains this contest of song. Its life rocks, it records its first album éponyme with tubes like "With the sun" or "I the Love Waits". The success is with go, more than 900000 specimens are sold in a few months and Jenifer Bartoli makes the proof that it is a true artist.

In 2003, it marked a short break to give birth to her first child (Aaron December 5, the father is the author composer Maxim Nucci), then returns with his second album "The Passage" she wanted more in his image than the previous one. This is a victory for the beautiful Jenifer Bartoli that seems to promise a great and long career. As proof, his third opus, "Lunatic" released late in 2007 announced a triumphant tour for the beginning of 2008.

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Beautiful french singer


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